Monday, September 14, 2009

Lesson 5 - Pronouns

Here are some pronouns with examples on how they are used in sentences.

I - Ako
You (singular)- Ikaw
You (plural) - Kamo
He/She - Siya
They - Sila

I am happy! - Malipayon ko! [The Visayan term for happy is lipay. The adjective is malipayon.]
You are beautiful. - Ikaw gwapa/ Ikaw matahom.
Gwapa is more commonly used for the word beautiful than matahom. Gwapa refers to a beautiful female while gwapo refers to a handsome male.
You are beautiful. - Gwapa ka. [This form is heard more often]
You are my friends. - Kamo akong mga higala/ Kamo akong mga amigo ug amiga.
You are my friends. - Mga higala ko kamo/ Mga amigo ko kamo.
The word friend can be translated to higala or amigo for males and amiga for females.

Give me. - Hatagi ako./ Hatagi 'ko.
Give him/her. - Hatagi siya.
Give them. - Hatagi sila.

Take care of me. - Atimana ako. Atimana 'ko.
Take care of him/her. - Atimana siya.
Take care of them. Atimana sila.

In Visayan, the word give is translated to hatag. The word care is translated to atiman or amping, among many other synonyms.

So, wishing someone to take care of himself/herself, you can hear people saying: Pag-amping! or Ayo-ayo! [Ayo-ayo is from the word maayo meaning good.]

Me - Kanako/Nako
You (Singular) - Kanimo
You (Plural) - Kaninyo
Her/Him - Kaniya
Them - Kanila

Give that to me. - Ihatag na nako.
I will give that to you. (Singular) - Ihatag na nako kanimo/ Ihatag na nako 'nimo.
I will give that to you. (Plural) - Ihatag na nako kaninyo/ Ihatag na nako 'ninyo.
I will give that to her/him. - Ihatag na nako kaniya/ Ihatag na nako 'niya.
I will give that to them. - Ihatag na nako kanila/ Ihatag na nako 'nila.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lesson 4 - Parts of the Body

Below are some parts of the body that are often used in conversation.

Part of the body - Parte sa lawas

Head - Ulo
Hair - Buhok
Forehead - Agtang
Neck - Liog
Cheek - Aping

Eyes - Mata
Ears - Dunggan
Nose - Ilong
Mouth - Baba
Outer Lip - Ngabil
Inner Lip - Wait

Tongue - Dila
Tooth - Ngipon
Molars - Bag-ang
Cuspid - Tango
Gums - Lagos

Eyebrow - Kilay
Eyelash - Pilok
Iris - Kalimutaw
Face - Nawong
Beard - Bungot

Chin - Suwang
Jaw - Apapangig
Shoulder - Abaga
Armpit - Ilok
Hand - Kamot
Feet - Tiil

Elbow - Siko
Stomach - Tiyan
Navel - Pusod
Loin - Pus-on
Knee - Tuhod

Leg - Tiil
Calf of leg - Bagtak
Back of lower leg - Bitiis
Thigh - Paa
Heel - Tikod

Waist - Hawak
Upper hip - Bat-ang
Finger - Tudlo
Toes - Tudlo
Fingernail - Kuko

Nipple - Atngal
Mammary - Suso/ Tutoy
Breast - Dughan
Buttock - Sampot
Anus - Lubot

Little Finger - Kumingking
Thumb - Kumagko

Here are some helpful sentences that you might use when you visit the Visayan region of the Philippines.

Where is the pain? - Asa man ang sakit?
On my knees. - Sa akong tuhod.

My stomach is aching. - Sakit akong tiyan.
My hand is bleeding. - Nagdugo ang akong kamot.

What is the best part of your body? - Unsay pinakanindot nga parte sa imong lawas?
My eyes are the best part of my body. - Ang akong mga mata ang pinaknindot nga parte sa akong lawas.
My hair. - Ang akong buhok.

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